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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Krizette lashes out at Teddy Casino: Wag ako ang tatakutin mo. I will move heaven and earth to expose you

Krizette Laureta Chu | Teddy Casino 

Following the exchange of expressing standpoint on the issue of the alleged active recruitment of the leftist groups inside the schools and universities nationwide these two personalities who were both known for sharing their prowess in several political and national issues are now in a bigger rift.

Leftist leader, former Bayan Muna Partylist Rep. Teddy Casino strongly defends those students who joined the left leaning groups from criticisms, saying that being an activist is not bad, they serves the people by pushing reforms in the society.

However, fearless Manila Bulletin writer, and New York University alumna Krizette Laureta Chu slammed Casino calling him 'hypocrite' as the latter talks about activism is not a terrorism, but only fighting for a 'cause' as he send his Kids to La Salle.

Chu in her previous post, dared Casino, a known critic of Duterte administration to transfer his kids to Lumad schools, also in that particular post includes photos of Casino's kids which faces are covered.

Teddy Casino | Photo from Japan Times

Casino in his Twitter post has called out Chu to take down the post that has the photos of his son and his wife.

"By myself, I cannot afford to send my son to La Salle Green Hills. The only reason he is there is because someone who believes my son deserves the same education I got is footing the bill," Casino said.

"Please take down your posts with my son and wife’s pictures. Don’t use my family to get back at me. By ridiculing their pictures and posts in your social media accounts, you are putting them in danger of being bullied online or even physically harmed," he added.

Apparently, Chu in her response did not mine her words in expressing her anger towards Casino for having the nerve dictating her to remove her post.

"Huwag mo ako tatakutin ng kaso for posting blacked out photos of your son and wife, whose faces and names were NEVER showed or revealed," she wrote.

Krizette's Full Facebook post reads:

Teddy Casino | Photo from Rappler

Dear @Teddy Casino,

Hindi ako tanga gaya ng mga tanga mong nirerecruit. I know defamation, slander, libel because I studied journalism. I know the parameters of what’s legal to be published and and I know no violation has been committed. Tanga ba ako?

Sino ang “raring to file a case against me?” Your newly minted lawyer? Baka hindi nya alam yan. Gusto agad matalo sa first few cases nya?

Wag ako ang tatakutin mo. Hipokrito ka. You are a public figure and we have the right to call you out for your dangerous hypocrisies... one of which is calling out for tuition fee regulation while sending your own kid to an expensive school. Hipokrito. HIPOKRITO.

Teddy Casino | Photo from Getty Images

You think scaring me will make me change my mind about you? Dinamay ang anak mo? Did you call out your own allies when they used Kitty Duterte against her own father? No, because you are a hypocrite.

There is nothing wrong for people to reveal the kind of lifestyle you lead, because not only are you a public figure, 

you are an incendiary figure who has caused many mothers grief by inflaming their children with WRONG idealogies.

At sino naman ang nagpapa aral sa anak mo? At ano ang nakukuha niya? Huwag mong sabihing Private matter kasi public figure ka. As an “activist,” di mo man Lang nasabi, “Thank you for your generosity. I will take this P200,000 and send four kids to a less expensive school instead so we can distribute the advantages to many children, and not just mine.” HINDI MO NAISIP NO? KASI HIPOKRITO KA NGA


Huwag ako. Huwag ako ang takutin mo because I will move heaven and earth to expose you. Maybe by filing a case against me, your hypocrisies will be revealed.

I’m willing to be sacrificed at the altar of your fake agendas so that no more mothers will lose children to hypocrites like you. Open the Pandora’s box, I dare you.

Ikaw pwede mag criticize ng iba at pwedeng mandamay ng pamilya, Pero kaming regular na mamamayan, hindi? Mananakot ka ng kaso? Kayo pwede abusado at walang validation ang claims pero pag kayo ang kina call out may kaso?

Don’t threaten me. Maybe it’s time the world knows the kind of person you are, the kind of life you lead, while your kids go abroad while the kids you recruit go to the mountains, and if we have to go to court for that, then do it.

It will be an honor to be a land mark case against a hypocritical person like you.

Teddy Casino | Photo from ABS-CBN News

HIPOKRITO—and I will call you that even if you send me to jail.

PS: You are nothing against true blue Commies like the Tiamzons. You are not willing to sacrifice what they have sacrificed. You are a hypocrite, and I will not be dictated upon by a low life hypocrite like you. I will go down fighting and I will take all hypocrites with me.


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Source: Krizette Chu


  1. Ms K L Chu salamat sa pagbubunyag mo tungkol sa hipokritong pagkatao ni Teddy Casiño na kunyari makamahirap siya pero mga anak ay nag-aaral sa La Salle?

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