"He is a respected world leader, sincere man making PH better" says Int'l political pundit

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In an interview organized by one of the head initiators of various DDS global affairs Mr. Rado Gatchalian to a well known International Political expert who deeply expresses his respect and support to the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. 

London-based Global political expert Adam Garrie had once again expressed his genuine support and admiration to a 'strong and sincere' leader Duterte where he believes the basis why most of the Filipinos supported his administration and then he become popular not only in the Philippines, not only in the ASEAN but the entire world.

"Duterte remains popular among Filipinos because for them, their country is not page three of the New York Times or a chance for some reporter on CNN to make money by telling lies about The Philippines. For Filipinos, their country is their home, their family, their street, their work, their environment. Duterte is making the country better for all ordinary Filipinos."

Geopolitical Expert  Adam Garrie | CTTO
"Duterte is clearly a deeply sincere man. He is a strong leader but in terms of his personality, he is humble. He has no intention to live like some king. He is focused on his duty and his direct manner of speaking helps him to connect better to people who are tired of the fake mannerisms of corrupt leaders. Duterte is an honest man who says what he means. Only someone very bigoted in their mindset could dislike such a thing. Personally, I find it refreshing."

"Duterte is already one of the most internationally prominent Filipino leaders in modern history. Only President Marcos was more widely known around the world and he was in power for much longer. Duterte has brought The Philippines to the front tier of ASEAN politics and by tackling issues that concern not just The Philippines not just ASEAN but the entire world, Duterte has been able to take his position as a respected world leader. Even those who dislike him cannot ignore his strength, his consistency and his revolutionary qualities."

President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte | CTTO
When Garrie asked as to why he supports President Duterte, he then enumerated the reasons that catches his attention as a geopolitical expert.

"I support Duterte because he is a 21st century revolutionary. Revolutionaries of the 19th and early 20th centuries used guns and mass mobilisations of people in order to change their countries, but in the contemporary era, it is politicians with a strong and determined vision who are able to change things for the better."

"First of all, without modern infrastructure, one cannot have a seriously strong economy. From the Roman Empire to the present day, this has been the rule. Duterte’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ initiative is therefore one of the most important things he has done for the future of his country. It will create jobs, the opportunity for new businesses to expand and will attract many millions in clean foreign investment. "

"Secondly, by tacking the horrors of the drug problem head-on, he is not only making life safer, healthier and better for all Filipinos but is showing the world that the country is open for business, including for tourism. No matter what else, if the drug problem had not been tackled, the problem would have eaten the country alive and destroyed everything – lives, infrastructure, the economy, the future. Duterte is like a captain who has steered his ship away from an iceberg in terms of the drug problem."

"Finally, I believe his tax reforms and new foreign policy have demonstrated that he sees the direction the international winds are blowing and for the first time, The Philippines is leading rather than following or even worse, falling behind. China is THE economic superpower.

This cannot be denied. If one wants to develop one’s nation in the 21st century, it is essential to have good relations with China. Duterte’s pledge to work cooperatively rather than aggressively with China in the South China Sea is a mark of a mature forward thinking statesman. China has recognised this and investment is already coming in as a result. 

The alternative is a stupidity and arrogance that would make the Philippines both poorer and less safe. But Duterte also realises that one must have good relations around the world, not just with the main economic power. This is why he has developed historically good relations with other countries including Russia,  and positive relations Malaysia, India, Vietnam and many others.

 He also has left the door open to the United States and unlike the US Congress, he seems to have a good personal relationship with Donald Trump. This is the key to understanding Duterte’s foreign policy. It is about opening new doors without closing old doors, while at all times demanding respect from any potential partner.

This is the model for success in the 21st century. It is a win-win model and Duterte is a global leader in pioneering this model who can be a positive example to many others."

President Duterte has been vocal that he does not want the Philippines to be treated as colony of other foreign nations prompted him pursued a foreign policy independent of US edicts and one which disregards the neo-clonial attitude of US funded NGOs.

President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte | CTTO

"This is the model for the future. Duterte has embarrassed the old colonial regimes, including America, not by going to war or making threats, but by saying that there is a new way of doing things. Either we cooperate as equals or we avoid each other until we can. This is the way forward for all independent nations, whether rich, poor or developing. Privately, these neo-colonial powers fear Duterte because they know that his system will work if it is allowed to develop peacefully. For Duterte, I say, better to be feared than stepped on."

Garrie also gave a wonderful message to President Duterte and also to all Filipinos who supported a great leader. 

"Always be true to yourself. One can image that some people would have laid down and given up if they faced the constant criticism that you have to face on a daily basis. Also, do not be afraid to change the entire political system and throw out every politician who is detrimental to the public good. A great leader must make these big decisions. The future generations of the country will be grateful." Garrie's friend message to his idol Pres. Duterte.

Never listen to critics who want you to be like someone else. Be the best for yourselves. Learn from positive examples, but use this to develop a better society that reflects your own characteristics. Remember that in the future, the countries that thought less of you, are now diminishing themselves while you are rising. Never be afraid and always be proud." a positive message of Garrie to all Filipinos.


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  1. Great he is a gift from God like Mouses he will be protected by God and majority of the Pilipino people will be by his side and will follow him for they no that he will lead us to greater progress and peace.

  2. So true. Those who criticize President Duterte want to put him down because they cannot accept that he is better than them. After Marcos, we prayed for a strong man to put Philippines back on track. Our prayers had been answered. Our dilemma: who can fill Duterte's shoes when his term is done...?

    1. Thank you Mr. Adam Garrie for this inspiring message from you. I am proud to be ako Filipino, ako proud DDS.

    2. If possible Duterte is the President for as long as he lives or else we need another Duterte to fill in his shoes.

  3. Paid analysis. He is from satan. He does not believed in God.

    1. He believe in d true God not d God of d roman catholics in vatican who worship SATAN...He said their is only one God a monotheism God...ALLAH...your stupid you believe in god but you can not simply follow a simple ordinance you hypocritepretending to be wise but very dull in d abstract of d bible..God chose a wicked leader so that it will remind us from our stupidity..he put laws so that we will follow...

  4. He believes in God the father almighty creator of heaven and earth but not the god of the hypocrites that has been used by a certain religion to dumbdown and manipulate people.

    1. Yes... they should go back and focus on church activities rather than be busy with issuing political intrigues and manipulating political figures

  5. We thank God indeed for raising a leader such as DU30 for he’s so called flaws so highlighted by by critics are so minor compared to the blunders commited by previous leaders like systemic corruption in Philippine governance, weak and deteriorating infrastructure, and citizens damaged by unbridled drug crimes... our tears and prayers have been heard and acted upon through the golden heart and iron will of President Duterte.