Trillanes' Treachery Should Be Looked At Closely: "His rebellion is a continuing crime"

Sen. Antonio Trillanes | Photo from Gulfnews
Doubts are now circling to former opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV as he expressed that he has been invited to speak before various international groups in different countries. He still wants to go on an international speaking tour.

Facts to ponder

Though he is not running, pay-for play talk circuits are prevalently known to be fundraisers for political parties. Besides, he has been dancing tango with Liberal Party (LP) chairperson and Vice President Leni Robredo in the world stage while taking turns in discrediting the administration and tainting the Philippines' reputation.

This according to the Tribune is why people think that he's more than just a flight risk.

 Vice President Leni Robredo | Sen. Antonio Trillanes | Photo from GMA Netwok

Past offenses

Not to mention all the tyrannical things that he did against the country. Starting from being a hothead mutineer, simultaneously a coup plotter, eventually escalating to an armed and dangerous putschist. These should be enough for us to stop giving him leeway, and yet, he still has his freedom that he, in turn, uses against the country and the greater good's benefit.


Well, you can't really blame the people for distrusting the disgraced senator. Remember when he alleged the president for having an account on a foreign bank, which the bank themselves proven wrong? For that issue alone, he traveled in different countries unsolicited.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes | Photo from Rappler

In the past, there are also questionable travel itineraries that he has undergone even while incarcerated. And by doing so, he made sure he left a track that will stain the Philippines' reputation all over the world.

Treachery is when someone who is trusted does something that is against the good of the one who trusted. After a number of treacherous acts, why would we be afraid of him being a simple flight risk, when the people know that the moment he steps foot out of the country, then his treachery will begin... again.

An excerpt from Tribune article: 

Remember when he brandished documents alleging billions of pesos deposited in the President’s account which the bank itself had debunked? A proven purveyor of fakery and deceit, he would now have the gall to request the court’s permission to tour global boardwalks to peddle predictable perfidy and polemics.

The distrust and doubts surrounding Trillanes’ true motivations force a review of his past travel itineraries. Indeed can he be trusted with freedom and the truth?

The public’s distrust started when it had its first glimpse of Trillanes’ humongous travel expenses charged to taxpayers and ironically dispensed while incarcerated for armed rebellion.

Irony quickly turns to insult when we consider that he threatened our peace, spread fears, caused immeasurable financial costs, threw economic development a few years back, violated both the law and the Constitution and, when caught, racked up one of the highest bills charged to the same public he victimized.

In a single year, audit reports said he charged taxpayers over P17.28 million, including P250,000 for travel expenses while incarcerated. In that year there were no records of any bills passed into law with him as principal author.

His rebellion is a continuing crime. So should we be blindly complicit?


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