"Let me prove your hypocrisy so no more children get fooled by your treachery", Krizette to Teddy Casino

Krizette Laureta Chu | Teddy Casino | Photo credit to the owner

The ball still keeps on rolling as the clash continues on the argumentation between the prominent writer, Krizette Laureta Chu, who recently dubbed former Bayan Muna representative, leftist leader Teddy Casino as 'Fake Activist' and 'Hypocrite' for talking about activism in school but only fighting for a 'cause' sending his Kids to La Salle Greenhills.

Casino in response rebuked the allegations thrown at him explaining sending his kids to a good school doesn’t make him any less an activist as the others.

He further said that he alone cannot afford to send his sons to La Salle but someone he did not mention the name paying the tuition who believes his sons deserves the same education he got.

Former Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casino | Photo credit to the owner
Krizette has once again published an interesting expose against Casino, one of the staunch critic of Duterte government, which apparently support the claim that the latter is indeed a 'Fake Activist'.

"If you’re going to sue me, let me tell the world where you take your coffee, which gym you go to, and everything else they need to know," she wrote in her Facebook post.

Let me detail every move you make that runs counter to the image you portray to the world, you hypocrite," she added.

Krizette's Full Facebook post reads:

If you’re going to sue me, let me tell the world where you take your coffee, which gym you go to, and everything else they need to know.

Let me detail every move you make that runs counter to the image you portray to the world, you hypocrite.

After all, I am lucky to have people offering me financial help in case you go through with your threat to sue me.

Former Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casino | Kabatann Rep. Sarah Jane Elago | Photo credit to the owner

I’ll use the money not just to pay the best damn lawyers (say hi to your newly minted one) but more importantly, to employ the best private investigators to bring your most shameless activities to light.

Your favorite exclusive tambayans, your last international trips with your coddled children, everything that I hope will serve as wake up calls to the children you try to convince to live difficult lives while you live like the burgis that you are.

Make it easy for me to tell your future victims about your hypocrisy... in a real court. Let me prove your hypocrisy, and not just on social media.

Let me do this so no more children get fooled by your treachery. Let me do this so I don’t have to see broken-hearted mothers on TV bawling their eyes out because your hypocrite ass poison the minds of their children.

Yung pinaka ayaw ko kasi tinatakot ako ng mga ipokrito. I don’t like veiled and subtle threats.


PS: Oh I know suing me isn’t the worst they can do to me. I know that. Please don’t worry, to those who keep messaging. Im not scared. What I’m scared of is dying a meaningless death. So if somebody does try to hurt me, all I ask is to make my life matter. 

Don’t let it be in vain. Fight for this country. Yun lang, at the risk of sounding maudlin and dramatic, And also, I’m going to drag a few of them with me to hell.

PPS: I don’t really like drawn out dramas on social media, especially if it involves me. The ball is now on their court. 
I’ve said my piece, and I don’t want to say anything anymore. I’ll just have my legal team composed of Amal Alamuddin, Sal Panelo, Luminous group, Berenguer, Canete, Xi Jinping, Putin, and Fortun brothers answer for me when the time comes.

Krizette's previous Facebook post toTeddy Casino:


I am not anti Communist. I am not anti activist.

Actually, if I were to be honest, I have left leaning tendencies, and Duterte’s left leaning policies were what attracted me to him apart from his Federalism stance and his presence in Leyte after Yolanda. I have sympathy for rebels, who were exploited by the system. 

Capitalism sucks, to be honest, and I understand why farmers have to go red to fight for their rights. I understand and I believe in the long and arduous process of peace talks instead of all out warfare.

These people need to be heard. (Some, I mean. Some have turned rogue and have become rebels just for the money.)

I was a fan of the Tiamzons, who to me embody what passion means. I don’t have to agree with the means they employed, but I am awed by the bravery and courage of these real commies. I’m sure many of you don’t agree with me. You don’t have to.

Former Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casino |  Photo from Rappler
The Tiamzons lived their lives in the mountains and sacrificed so much for their ideals while people like Teddy Casino pay lip service to the ideals of Communism while living a BURGIS life. BURGIS.

The point of this post is this: My issue with Teddy isn’t that he’s an activist (because that’s what he tries to say, na wala daw masama maging activist.) WALA TALAGANG MASAMA MAGING ACTIVIST.

Ginagamit ni Teddy na argument is that we are crucifying him for being an activist.

Hindi masama maging activist, lalo na pag totoong may pinaglalaban ka.

ANG MASAMA MAGING HYPOCRITE. Kumusta ang pakape kape sa Makati Sports Club? Kumusta ang buhay pa travel travel habang yung ibang bata pa travel travel papuntang bundok?

Former Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casino |  Photo from ABS-CBN

HYPOCRITE. Hypocrite. Hypocrite. And you hate me and want to sue me for saying this because it reveals that the EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES. You don't want your cred and legitimacy damaged for kids who may realize the kind of person you are.

PS: Please read in screenshots a post I wrote about the Tiamzons in 2016. (And yes, I don’t want to repeat myself that they may have killed people and hurt the innocent. This is not the point of the post.)


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Source:  Krizette Chu 1, 2

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