EDSA: Aquino lied. She lied big time. They were worse than what they accused the Marcoses of.

Every 25th of February of each year, it’s that time of the year again where some of the Filipinos hold another annual celebration the so-called “People Power” Edsa revolution.

This is the time where die-hard Aquino supporters have their yearly commemoration of the “revolution” that toppled former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Here's another personal statement from Jenifer Aquino, who admitted that she herself once believed about the lies and the narrative about what happen during and after the People Power revolution.

By: Jenifer Aquino

34 years ago there was no such thing as social media. The most external mobile communication one could have was a beeper. Mobile phones were stuff made only for the filthy rich. The internet came 8 years too late.

I will admit I believed the lies. I believed in the narrative. But as years went on, there were cracks in the crystal dome Cory Aquino created. The country was changing drastically and negatively. Prices were shooting up, people were leaving by the hundreds every day because opportunity here was just a dream, an empty promise they made while the rest of them filled their pockets with our taxes.

Decent politicians were jumping ship or being silenced. Aquino lied. She lied big time. And Camelot started burning. 34 years after, we know NOW the lies they created to make us all believe they were the rescuers of this country only to find out they were worse than what they accused the Marcoses of. Worse if not worst.

EDSA 1 might be heralded as a bloodless revolution because Ferdinand Marcos made it so. And he loved this country so much he stepped down. But the intervening US stole the family away and out of here.

Fast forward. We had a second 6 years of an Aquino administration. At first, we hoped for the best. We always have hoped for the best since 1986 and still, no hope was in sight. We had 6 years of a numb and dumb Presidency who ruined this country even further. Those who believed they could hold on to power only furthered the narrative onward but it was too late. People were awake. People knew. People saw. People read the news, listened, discerned and the crystal dome collapsed. Finally.

I don't want to see this country in the hands of those who sat in power for the past 3 decades, doing nothing but make their pockets fatter than their bloated egos. We NOW know what public service is and what a dedicated public servant is capable of doing if they have the same will, same determination and same love of country President Rodrigo Duterte has for all of us.

We are capable of the same. We can bring down the walls of oligarchs, bring them down to their knees and make honest people take over because we deserve an honest government, a working government and a government that values it's people more than it's political parties.

Two years left. We still have a lot to do. Let us not be complacent. Let us not stop guarding our democracy against those who wave their victim cards around when they are the ones who made us their victims in the first place.

Two years, people. Let's move. We can do this.



Source: Jenifer Aquino

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