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Trend Insider PH is a social informant website owned and managed by a real-life couple who is dedicated with Research and Development, Politics, Sports and Travel . We love to explore a lot of things specially when it comes to personal growth and becoming more experienced in all aspects of life. We both work as a professional and tend to manage in doing researches and bring the current news to the Filipino People around the globe. 

Trend Insider PH showcases updated news, viral and trending topics in the Philippines time. A fair and complete information that will educate the readers to what an article be intended for. 

“On a whole range of issues, there has been a massive popular shift in public opinion toward a progressive critique of the current political economic system. It is, of course, largely subliminal, not carefully worked out, and lacks a coherent vision for what needs to be done -- but there can be little doubt that this shift has happened, and is deepening. People are increasingly disenchanted, and they are hungry for alternatives.” 
― Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

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